Throw an important party in New York

Prepared by: Michael Coghlan
When we're adult people, we got many of occasions to appreciate special event. It could be birthday of our kids, wedding of cousin or our anniversary. In most of this times, we have to invite not just our whole family, but even plenty of our friends.

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Have honeymoon tour in elegant hotel on Santorini

santorini hotels
Prepared by: Tjeerd Wiersma
When we're getting married, a lot of tasks are on our heads. We have to find spot for a party, register in church, buy dress and tuxedo, maybe hire wedding planer.

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Intercontinental flights - how to get ready for journey?

Prepared by: Masaru Kamikura
Since several, last years connections to North America became a lot cheaper, that is why much more passengers can buy it. If you're organizing a tour to USA you have to get ready really well, cause this will be another sort of journey.

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The most important questions in the party arranging

Prepared by: PeCeT_full
A big party that will move congregations or a small celebration for company coworkers - there are many attractive concepts for such a party. A outstanding party - be it company or mass - is similar to a system of linked vessels.

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