The best countries to spend honeymoon

Arrangement of the wedding is always really stressful thing to do, we've plenty of issues to deal with, and limited time. One of the important things about the wedding will be honeymoon, first holidays that we will enjoy with our newly groom.

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When you want this journey to be a success for each of you, you need to choose any romantic destination.

The city of love

Paris for plenty of decades is the most famous travel destination in the old continent, last minute trips are often sold out the first day of sale. Nothing odd in that cause the capital is ideal spot to spend honeymoon or simply romantic journey with beloved individual. First of all the architecture of Paris is phenomenal, mainly when we visit MontmArtre, the past quarter of artists. That spot is placed at the hill of the same name, it's popular because of Sacre Coeur basilica and Moulin Rouge theater. Next relevant place to visit when you are in love is the Eiffel Tower. That is the signature of whole capital and very famous spot of engagements. Nothing surprising in that, because from the top of that tower panorama is just great.

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The city of bridges

Next romantic place in our continent is Venice, situated in northern of Italy.

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Each year in April you're able to find nice deals on last minute offers in a local travel agency. The city is famous thank's to it panorama - there are no streets, just channels, localized near to the amazing buildings, constructed in past centuries.

While being in Venice you cannot miss a tour to the main church of the city, one of the largest medieval temples in the whole world. The city is also very nice in January, during the Catholic carnival. Whole Venice is decorated very well and many of cultural meetings are taking place.

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