Vacation in Europe - finest locations

Right now Polish citizens are able to travel all around the globe without wasting a fortune on that, cause airline companies are more affordable than before. That's why often it may be very hard to select one place for future vacation, cause there're too much alternatives.

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When you have difficulties this kind here are several concepts for perfect tour.

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Southern Europe

The biggest number of all inclusive vacations is affordable in the south part of our continent. Nothing weird in that, cause many individuals want to spend a trip by the seaside, getting tan and admiring fascinating monuments. If you are person like that you need to consider a trip to Barcelona, one of the greatest cities in whole continent.

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Barcelona is located by the seashore, and it's popular thanks to spectacular architecture, that is combination of local and medieval fashion. Another interesting metropolis is Rome, as well placed close to the seashore. Metropolis of Italy is famous because of amazing architecture, not just from ancient times, but also Renaissance or Baroque.

Northern destinations

Each year more and more people are choosing all inclusive tours to Scandinavia, cause this land is just ideal during the summer. The touring in August will be really pleasant, in Scandinavia you may admire many amazing monuments. The most famous location is Norway explored thanks to amazing fjords which are main attraction of a seaside. Another decent place to explore is Iceland, situated up in the north.

This little isle is famous for interesting panoramas, thermal waters and great architecture of the cities. Or maybe you prefer to visit Finland? That country was selected as the best country to live in last year!

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