Are you looking for a location for your honeymoon? We have a suggestion!

Last year I got married. My partner and I were thinking a lot of time where we should travel for our honeymoon. Sadly, thi decision was not easy. After a few weeks of research we made a decision to choose Santorini as our favourite place. But it was not the only decision. When we already knew the destination, we had to make a decision where we should stay.

We were hesitating between standard hotels and santorini honeymoon hotels. Finally, we have decided for the second option. And that was 1 of the best decision. I would recommend such hotels to all newlyweds! Below I will tell you main advantages that makes me sure that I would surely choose 1 of the santorini honeymoon hotels one more time- get more information.

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To start with, the room itself was amazing. If you are in a honeymoon hotel, you might be sure that there is 1 huge king bed and romantically decorated bathroom. The room had also many other great features. E.g., there was a huge bathtub, ideally for a couple. Nevertheless, the most amazing thing was our private veranda. I never thought about it to be a romantic thing, but it proved to be my favourite one. Because ofthe fact that this was private, we didn’t have to be concerned about our clothes or the fact that any other people can see what we are doing. We spent there many unforgettable moments while watching sunsets.

Secondly, the hotel was placed in a calm part of the city. That may sound not important but it is greatly substantial. Just believe me. During the honeymoon you shouldn’t be bothered with loud music in the evening or street noises during the day. That could destroy any romantic moment. Thanks to the hotel location, we didn’t have to trouble about noises at any moment!

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And finally – the staff was simply amazing. I believe that it is important as rude receptionist can destroy your mood for the rest of the evening. The staff in our hotel was just amazing. I think this is connected with the fact that memers of staff know that guests are on their honeymoon so they do their best to create a magical atmosphere. Without a doubt, I surely would suggest one of the santorini honeymoon hotels. My husband and I have had there the best moments of our life. Without a doubt, we you are going to come back there one day. Perhaps for our wedding anniversary?

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