Where to travel for future holiday?

If we like to save a lot of money at holidays, we need to organize it several months ahead. Thanks to that we will be able to find decent offers on flights, night's lodging or options in travel agencies.

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However right now, thanks to really huge number of options, it's hard to choose some destination nice. When you want to have a perfect time you have to know first, what is the most important for You.

go to big city

Very common idea is to travel for vacation (Polish Airlines) to any destination by the sea. Surely, this alternative is very great, but after couple of days beach could be boring. People who like to take a cruise around some fine monuments need to select a trip to one of European metropolis, placed close to the sea side. There are many options this kind to check: Barcelona, Athens and Rome for example. Each of those places are old and amazing, you'll localize in each plenty of heritages. Also each of this metropolis are linked with sea shore really nicely. You only need to take a public pub, and after couple dozens of minutes you'll be able to enjoy the sea. You may also reserve a hotel near the sea and just take few tours to the metropolis center - it's up to you!

Nice weekend in Scandinavia

Also really huge amount of tourists does not care about the seaside and laying at the sun. For them summer vacation is perfect occasion to see any nice, northern places, which are really cold during other part of the year.

Really good example is Denmark, or Norway, cold but amazing lands with very friendly citizens and astonishing landscapes. Because of cheap airline companies you can go to any of those countries for a penny!

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