Greatest concepts for summer vacations

When spring is coming, we begin to thinking about summer holidays. Nothing surprising in that, cause we were waiting for hotter days for whole winter. Right now, because of cheap airline companions, we are able to travel whole around the Europe for a penny.
You do not know where to travel for your vacations? Those alternatives below would help you to make this decision.
When you are searching for one of the most common spots available, you have to reserve flights to Spain immediately. This warm and beautiful country, have many interesting cities to explore . The very famous is Barcelona, surely. It is a place filled with amazing buildings of Antonio Gaudi. Beside, it is located near the sea, therefore you can enjoy the sun by swimming and having tan. Another reason why it's worth to book flights to Spain is Madrid, the capital. It also has great architecture, but far typical. You will find in there great pieces of each art movement, renovated really well. Also, the city is famous of green areas, which are very common in there.
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Another interesting thing to do is to reserve flights to Serbia. That great country, use to abandoned by tourists for a lot of years, thanks to it morbid history. But at the moment, the war is finished, and we are able to get to know it like never earlier.

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First of all, you need to go to Belgrad, which is one of the oldest places in entire Europe. You can even see in there ancient remains of old castes (email the author).
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Or maybe you are more into wildlife? No problem, when you choose flights to Serbia, you'll be able to be in touch with it either. Cause this place has phenomenal panoramas, many of lovely rivers, majestic mountains, and even water falls.

Europe is very beautiful continent, with plenty of different tourist destinations to visit. If you're searching for more typical vacations, you have to visit Spain - Barcelona is great during the summer. But if you are less conventional, Serbia would be the best.

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