Travel to Netherlands and Brussels without wasting a lot of cash

Old Continent is very amazing land, filled with fascinating tourist destinations. During the winter we could go to Alps in Austria and enjoy snowboarding. Summertime is finest in Spain and Greece, where we may swim in the sea, and explore finest monuments.
But what with city break, really common mode of tour during the spring and autumn? Go to Belgium and Netherlands.
After Poland became part of European Union, flight to Brussels are affordable in really attractive cost. All thanks to Polish people, who start to working in Belgium. when you like to visit some friends in there, or only do some sightseeing, schedule your trip very well. Cause that country could be expensive for Polish people . To have a lot of pocket money, you could spare on flight to Brussels, by picking decent term. Avoid common holidays, like Christmas and Easter, cause our citizens who are laboring in there, are returning to home then. Try longer weekend, this on May for example. The weather is phenomenal then, so you'll appreciate it.
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Another great alternatives are flights to Netherlands. It's also very common connection in small airline companies, cause even in there Polish people are working. Even if this country is not very big, you have at least 3 various airports to choose (sections & features). And if you like to see a lot of tourist monuments, Amsterdam will be finest. You have a chance to see in there Ann Frank Home, Rijksmuseum, with fantastic paintings of local artists, and more. If you like to save with your flights to Netherlands, do not take checked in baggage with you, carry on should be enough.

Netherlands and Belgium are very fascinating places.

In there, you are able to see plenty of great instances of each architecture periods, renovated really nicely. Because of Polish people who are working in there, you can book flight tickets up there in very reasonable prize.

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